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We made it to a Half Birthday! January 28, 2010

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Last Friday marked a big milestone for us…Brooks’ Half Birthday!!  We now have a 6 month old baby which is so hard to believe!  As every parent of babies says, “He’s growing SOO fast.”  It’s cliché but crazy how true it is.  Brooks is now sitting up on his own and enjoying this new vantage point.  He will entertain himself really well if he is surrounded by enough interesting toys or burp rags or socks…these are his favorite things to put in his mouth.  And though you can’t tell by looking at this picture, there is new hair beginning to fill his little bald spot that he’s rubbed from laying down all these months!

Brooks now has two budding bottom teeth that he shows off with a good smile.  He is eating an ever-expanding repertoire of veggies and fruits and he has yet to meet one that he isn’t a fan of.  He continues to love eating as you can tell by looking at his cheeks.  He has tripled his birth weight at 6 months (18lbs, 4oz).  All the books say he should have doubled it by now, so we think he’s doing okay!           

We also found out this week that Brooks has been holding his own bottle at daycare for several weeks now.  It’s funny because he’s never given us any indication here at home that he was capable of this so we were surprised to walk in and find him doing this one day! 

Matt and I both have Fridays off and these have become cherished days at our house.  There is usually some work to be done either at Matt’s office or around the house, but we do get to be a little more lazy than normal and spend some time together as a family.  Matt and Brooks have even had some good male bonding moments such as this one…

As you can tell by the ridiculous amount of pictures we have of this little dude, we are very much in love with him and wouldn’t trade the last 6 months for anything.  Happy half-birthday Brooks Matthew!!!


One Response to “We made it to a Half Birthday!”

  1. Storey Says:

    Love that little chubby man and can’t wait to see him! Cambell was 20.4 lbs at 6 months… Catch up, little man!

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