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The Latest February 14, 2010

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We’ve had a busy few weeks since our last post.   It is such a joy watching Brooks develop as a little man.  It is simply wondrous watching him learn to eat, discover his hands, have teeth come in, sit up, and develop a sweet little personality. 

Two weekends ago I got to go preach back in Hubbard, where Kelley and I lived before moving to Marble Falls.  It was great to see our old friends and make some new ones.  Hubbard was our first place to live as a married couple and started out ministry.  Because of that and our great friendships, it will always be a very special place for us.  It was fun watching people meet Brooks who remember us before we were married. 

Before going to Hubbard we got to see Mallory at her office and walk about Baylor campus and also got to spend the night with Graham, Storey, and Cambell.   Mal is finishing up her last semester getting her MDiv at Truett (after alreadying getting her MSW at BU) and is working wit the Texas Hunger Initiative and for BU SPiritual Life.  Her office is in the Bobo Student Center (formerly Bobo Baptist Student Center), where Kelley and I spent many many hours while in college and it was great to be back. 

Below is a picture of us in the swing in front of Waco Hall on BU campus where Kelley and I had our first kiss and where we got engaged (cue, the “Awwwww!”).  It was fun to bring Brooks there.   Notice the BU shirt he’s wearing!  Bu Baby gear is hard to find and Mal had a friend make several of these shirts for Brooks.  Incidentally, 56 just happens to be his dad’s old football number. 

Here is one of what Mal looks like while taking a picture. 

We met the Cooks at Ninfa’s for dinner and were able to spend the night and hang out for a good while with them.  While at Ninfa’s Cambell got a little frisky with Brooks.  He didn’t know how to handle an aggressive older woman.

It was absolutely adorable!  Check out cookslovekisses.blogspot.com for more pics.  When we got back to their house she REALLY wanted to sit in his lap, but it just wasn’t working.  It was irresistably cute.  Brooks decided not to sleep that night.  He was so loud and fussy that Kelley and I got up at 1 AM and drove around for over an hour just to keep him from waking up Cambell and Graham and Storey. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures in Hubbard, but it was really nice to see everyone there and to worship with our great friends. 

There has been plenty more happen over the past few weeks.  More to come soon.

Int he meantime, there is plenty of cuteness here to enjoy!


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