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Leah Meets Brooks! February 20, 2010

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 Guess who came to visit Marble Falls last weekend?  The Right Reverend Leah Grundset!  Brooks has been very excited about meeting Leah for some time now.  His initial reaction was one of confusion.  Brooks really likes to check people out before he warms up.  Seriously, he just looked at her with this face for nearly 5 minutes.  It was hilarious.

But, thankfully Leah won Brooks over with her natural charm and they were soon fast friends. 

In the midst of the excitement over meeting and hanging out with Leah, the mancub had a few very cute moments hanging out with dad.  It was very sweet.

Leah was able to hang out on Saturday and stay for worship with us on Sunday.  It was a bit intimidating preaching in front of the Right Reverend Grundset, but it was great to have her join us.  At lunch after church, Kelley and Leah were eating at the kitchen table and Brooks was REALLY enjoying playing peek-a-boo over the back of the couch at them. 

For the rest of our friends who haven’t had a chance to meet Brooks yet or haven’t been able to see him in some time, Brooks is expectantly waiting your visit! 

Kelley is taking over this post now!  It was fantastic having Leah visit.  She and I realized during her visit that we’ve known each other for 10 years which is longer than I’ve known Matt!  We celebrated by going out to see Valentine’s Day and doing a little shopping on Sunday afternoon.  Leah lives in Washinton D.C. so we don’t get a chance to see her too often.  She swung through Marble Falls for a quick visit last June to see me with my baby belly. 

I was reminded while she was here what a blessing it is to have friends like Leah who, even though we don’t see each other much, is so easy to fall back into step just like we saw each other every day.  We’ve known each other for lots of seasons in life and it was great to get to share a new experience with her as our family grows!


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