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GJ and Bebob Visit February 24, 2010

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A couple of weeks ago my mom and dad (GJ and Bebob) came to see the mancub and worship with us at Fellowship.  GJ has decided that she can’t go more than three weeks without seeing Brooks (and who can blame her?) and they are proving true to their word in these first seven months of Brooks’ life. 

Mom and Dad watched Brooks Saturday night so Kelley and I could double date with Logan and Courtney Stanley.  It was nice to have a night out!  We went to the Backstage Grill in Spicewood.  A year or two ago Texas Monthly named their steaks one of the top 20 (or 50, or something) best steaks in Texas.  They weren’t wrong!  It is a bit pricey, but worth it!  We had an excellent skillet cornbread with a crawfish dip for an appetizer.  I had a 12 oz Strip and Kelley had a specialized tenderloin item.  All of it was really superb.  As soon as we get another gift certificate we will return!  ha.  As always, it was a rich community experience with Logan and Courtney.  They truly have become great friends. 

After church on Sunday Mom and Dad wanted a new picture of them with Brooks.  I thought these turned out quite good. 

The scandal of the weekend was that Brooks seemed to prefer Bebob to GJ!  (gasp!)  My cousin, Amy, and I affectionately refer to mom as, “The Baby Whisperer.”  She is really good with babies and little kids and has a real gift for entertaining, teaching, and dealing with kids.  There are many times when no one can quiet a kid and mom is the one with the knack to soothe them.  It is what made her such a great teacher and currently makes her such a great school counselor. 

BUT, this weekend, Brooks had eyes for Bebob, which brought no small amount of pleasure to Bebob and consternation to GJ!  We will see if this trend continues.  Methinks (I truly enjoy using that phrase!) that GJ will come bearing gifts meant to woo Brooks…or simply leave Bebob at home if this continues. 

These are some pictures from later in the week while Brooks and I watched BU play one night.  He was SO in to the game that he wanted to wear his dad’s Baylor hat.  It didn’t quite fit, but was quite cute! 


2 Responses to “GJ and Bebob Visit”

  1. Camille Says:

    Cute pictures 🙂
    Let’s take the kiddos to a Baylor b-ball game! Caris is a big fan as well. (seriously! she loves to watch basketball).


    • furtherupfurtherin Says:

      Brooks does too! He’s still not quite sure about the buzzers, but he loves the game! We should for sure take them!


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