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For Sassy… March 7, 2010

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I got in trouble from my mom this week for not doing a better job of updating the blog so she could keep up with the latest things going on in our lives like Brooks’ first haircut last Thursday.  He was born with really long hair and it has just kept growing on the top of his head and had begun to turn into a serious comb-over.  So we went to some friends’ house and Mrs. Linda Lee was kind enough to give him a little trim. 

Brooks was a trooper for the whole thing and he looks pretty good with his new do!  Friday we got in the car and headed to Kenedy so GJ and B-Bob could get a little Brooks fix.  It was a quick trip.   Joyce had to go to a class on Saturday afternoon (She’s working on her SECOND master’s degree in counseling!) and we left earlier than planned because Matt seemed to be getting sick, but it was nice to see the Kenedy gang.  We got to see little Samantha who now weighs half of Brooks’ weight(almost 11 lbs)…she started at 2lbs, 10 oz so we are all so thrilled with her growth! 

Brooks was in a good mood for the trip, but he REALLY loves when his clothes come off in preparation for bath time.  So he showed off a little for everbody and got some attention from Paw-Paw!

Here is Brooks playing around during bathtime one night…he truly LOVES baths!

We also took a big step as a family last weekend.  Brooks spent his first night away from Mom and Dad and everyone survived!  Friday night Brooks spent the night with my parents, Sassy and Pop, while Matt and I went into Austin for a date.  Matt and I ate at the Melting Pot and literally ate ourselves sick, but it was SOO GOOD!  We were going to attempt a late movie, but after the damage we did at dinner we just came to grips with the fact that we’re old and would much rather go home and go to bed than try to stay out late and feel young and crazy again.  We very much enjoyed sleeping in Saturday morning, doing a little shopping and eating a late breakfast before we picked up the little dude.  Brooks enjoyed hanging out with his grandparents and Uncle Aaron and looks forward to lots more sleepovers in the future!  We don’t have any pictures of Brooks’ big weekend away, but I might be able to find something cute to leave you with..


One Response to “For Sassy…”

  1. Sassy Says:

    AAAAAHHHHH!!! Can’t wait to see the new do!

    Samantha looks GREAT! So thankful she is thriving!

    The one in the high chair looks VERY familiar. I have lots of pictures of Brooks’ mother asleep in the high chair – OK lots of them are just in my head, but falling asleep after eating didn’t just start at The Melting Pot!

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