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Sol Searching March 12, 2010

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Sol as is in SUN!  Today was such a beautiful day outside and Brooks and I tried to take advantage as much as possible.  We started our day with a little jog/walk this morning.  After lunch we went to one of my schools so I could pick up a check and I thoroughly enjoyed showing off Brooks to all my friends there.  When we returned home, we made a little pallet on the back porch and enjoyed soaking up some rays! 

Brooks has always seemed to enjoy being outside and today was no different.  I look forward to soaking up much more sun (with sunscreen of course) with my little buddy this spring and summer!  Also, a special thanks to Melissa and John for the cap…we’re really trying to gear Brooks up for baseball season and can’t wait to take him to his first Rangers game!! 


One Response to “Sol Searching”

  1. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    As a two time UIL Regional Qualifier in Headline Writing, I would like to commend my wife on her excellent blog post title. “Kudos,” Kelley. You are a peach!

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