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Spring Break March 20, 2010

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We have had a great week this week taking a break from the norm.  We have stayed busy and are glad to be home now and have a few days to relax before we head back to school next week.  Last Saturday Courtney Stanley and I headed into Bee Caves and watched “Alice in Wonderland” and had some Pei Wei.  Later that night we had dinner with she and Logan and Weiss.  As always we enjoyed thier company and were so excited to find out later in the week that Baby Stanley number two is going to be a boy!!  Monday Brooks had his first official playdate.  When he was only a few weeks old, we met baby James while out walking one day.  James was born about 3 weeks before Brooks and we’ve been talking about getting them together ever since we met, but it took us a while to actually do it.  James was very sweet to share all of his toys with Brooks for the afternoon!

Tuesday we headed over to Austin to hang out with Aunt Amy who hasn’t seen Brooks in a while.  We had planned to go hang out at the park near Amy’s but it ended up being rainy and cold all day.  So, instead, we had a nice lunch and did a little shopping at Target!  We forgot to take our camera with us to Amy’s so we didn’t get any pictures of the day, but here’s an older one of the two of them together.  She’s a great aunt!

Tuesday night Matt, Brooks and I had dinner with Brandon and Sarah Satrom and thier son Benjamen.  We had a great time hanging out with them and they are fellow Baylor Bears so we enjoyed sharing stories about our days in Waco.  Wednesday Brooks and I hopped in the car and took a little five-hour drive to Vernon.  He was GREAT on the way there and slept almost the whole time we drove.  We took a break about halfway and stopped to eat but we made good time.  We got to see all the Vernon crew except my uncle and aunt, Rick and Nancy, and Justin, Christie’s husband.  It was a great trip.  We stayed with my grandma, Ma Genie.  Thursday my uncle Randall and cousin Chase came over for lunch.  Brooks got to enjoy Ma’s mashed potatoes, green beans and noodles!  He made a funny face every time he got a bite, but he kept opening his mouth for another. 

Randall has nicknamed Brooks ‘Pumpkin Boy’ in reference to this picture which both he and Ma have on their refrigerators!  I think it still makes them laugh every time they look at it.

We got to hang out with Chase for a while before he left to go back to Tarleton.  Chase runs track and rodeos for Tarleton.  He also played baseball for Vernon College for two years before he got to Tarleton and he was a football stud in high school.  He’s ridiculously talented so we hope maybe Brooks got a little bit of those same genes!  He pulled his hamstring last weekend in a track meet so we’re wishing him a speedy recovery so he can get back to all the things he does.

My aunt Donna came by to see Brooks that afternoon and later we headed over to my cousin Christie’s so Brooks could hang out with cousin Kirby!

Kirby is going to turn ONE next Saturday!  These babies just grow extremely too fast.  We’re sad we’re not going to be able to make it to his Mickey Mouse birthday party but two five hours trips in a week is just too much for this mom.  I thought it was funny that Kirby likes to suck his fingers too, but he prefers just one unlike Brooks who has his two favorites!  Kirby was also kind enough to share all of his fun things with Brooks.  He especially liked the John Deere 4-Wheeler.

Brooks coughed all night Thursday night, so we went to the doctor Friday morning to get him checked out, but it seems like he was just suffering from allergies.  We thought we might wait until Saturday morning to come home but there was a chance that Vernon was going to be getting MORE snow Saturday.  They have had a crazy winter this year and we’ve already had one crazy trip to Vernon in icy/snowy weather with Brooks, so we decided we would head out Friday afternoon and not take a chance of running into any bad weather.  I did not do a great job taking pictures of everyone.  Brooks had a good time hanging out with my grandparents, Pa and Peggy at their house and  I tried to get a picture of him with Ma before we left on Friday but I waited too late and he was in no mood for smiling.  He rode well on the way back but did not sleep near as much so by the time we got to Lampasas he was ready to get out of the carseat.  But considering that was his tenth hour of driving in three days I will not complain about a little whining. 

We’ve enjoyed a very lazy day today and are glad to be home.  Matt is performing a wedding tonight at Lakeside Pavillion but when he gets home we’re going to get a fire going and watch the Bears as they hopefully advance to the Sweet 16! 


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  1. Courtney Stanley Says:

    I loved catching up on all of the great Brooks pics and stories…. Can’t wait to see ya’ll soon!

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