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Puppy Love April 15, 2010

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It’s been a fairly low-key few weeks at our house.   Matt has been busy with meetings most every night for the past two weeks so Brooks and I have been laying pretty low.  We also seem to all finally be well after suffering from stomach bugs and flu-like symptoms.  Hopefully our house is bug free now.  One afternoon last week Matt came home early from work before his meeting that night so he could hang out with us for an hour or so.  He said he had a surprise, so we all hopped in the car to find out what it was.  We headed over to Rusty and Lane Freeman’s house to find 8 adorable black lab puppies!  Matt thought it would be fun to let Brooks play with them and he was secretly hoping I would let him bring one home with us (no such luck there!)  It was super cute watching them crawl all over Brooks, however, he was most taken by the Freeman’s daughter Baleigh.  Lucky for me he was kind of oblivious to the puppies most of the time so I didn’t feel too guilty for not bringing one home!









On Tuesday of this week Matt and Brooks got to spend the day with Matt’s grandmother, Mam-maw, who is visiting Camp Buckner with a group from her church in Longview.  It was no fun having to work all day knowing these guys were having fun at home, but judging from the pictures it looks like they had a pretty special time!


One exciting new development this week is that Brooks has begun a pseudo crawl!  It’s sort of a combination army crawl/worm but he is mobile!  He seems to be most motivated to move when challenged with a stack of blocks to knock over!  One of these days I’ll figure out how to post videos on here so we can share all of these new tricks!


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