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Fun Firsts May 6, 2010

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Last weekend we traveled to Waco, which, if you know us at all, you know is one of our favorite places to go!  While we were there Brooks experienced a lot of fun firsts!  Technically this first one happened in Georgetown at my parents house, but it was just one of our stops on the way to Waco.  Brooks had his first ride on the rocking horse my dad made for me and Amy and Aaron when we were kids.  He brought it down from the attic just so Brooks could check it out!

First time to go to a Baylor Baseball game!  We watched them play UT which is becoming a yearly tradition we do with my parents and Amy and Aaron (though Aaron chose to go to Chicago this year instead 😉 )  This experience also included Brooks’ first time to see his mom enjoy a ballpark hot dog, which again, if you know me you know this will probably be the first of many!

First time to go to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco!  We spent Friday night with our good friends Graham and Storey to celebrate Graham’s 30th birthday!!  We, along with the Blundells, surprised Graham after the game Friday night and had a big sleepover which led to a Saturday zoo trip for the kiddos, Cambell, Caris and Brooks!  It was a great time hanging out with college buds, but anyway, back to the zoo…

First time being two feet from a monkey!

First time riding on Daddy’s shoulders…he LOVED it up there!


And when we got home, first time crawling underneath his exersaucer and having a grand time!

Once again, we had a great time with good friends and family and are thankful to have our little man to share these experiences with!


One Response to “Fun Firsts”

  1. Camille Says:

    Umm, you forgot to mention first kiss and first time juggling two girlfriends! lol 🙂
    Good to see you guys and we had so much fun catching up and playing with Brooks!

    – Camille

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