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More noteworthy firsts… May 16, 2010

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We’ve been busy the past few weekends.  We’re so lucky that Brooks is such an easy-going baby.  We drag him all over the place and he takes it all in stride.  Weekend before last we decided the last minute to head up to Arlington and take Brooks to his first Rangers game.  He loved the ballpark because there was so much for him to see.  He was clapping here because he could hardly contain his excitement!

Of course trips to the ballpark are not complete for us without seeing our good friends the Vittases.  Melissa and I discussed how she and I attended our first game together in 2003 for her 21st birthday.  There have been many more between then and now!  You have never met more serious Rangers fans than Mel and John and we love getting to catch up with them at the games!

Checking the place out with Daddy!

Here is Brooks at breakfast the next morning contemplating how great the ballpark and the Rangers were, maybe thinking about one day when he’ll play there.

Sunday after we got back, I got to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day!  Brooks made me a sweet flower-pot with his hand prints on it while he was at school and then also gave me a white rose-bush to plant in our backyard.  I’m so proud to be his mommy and loved getting to celebrate it on a special day!

This weekend we returned to Waco again to celebrate Matt’s sister, Mallory, who graduated from Truett Seminary.  Mallory completed a dual master’s program and now has her Master’s in Social Work as well as her Master’s in Divinity.  We are so proud of Mallory and all of her accomplishments.  She is one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet and just might pull off world peace one day.  We didn’t get any pictures of the weekend unfortunately, but enjoyed spending time with the family and celebrating all of Mallory’s hard work! 

I’ll leave you with a mischievous little smile caught on camera that makes me laugh and makes me nervous for what this little guy will have up his sleeve the next 18 years!


One Response to “More noteworthy firsts…”

  1. Chelsey Says:

    Was there a cuter kid ever born???

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