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Way Behind… July 21, 2010

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I guess I just thought I would be blogging lots more frequently this summer with all my free time but I was wrong!  We have been really busy, but I’ve also wondered if I use blogging as an excuse not to do other things during the working part of my year…who knows?  I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sufficiently update on all that’s gone on in the last month and half but I’ll try to fit as much as I can in a nutshell!

We all participated in Vacation Bible School which was a hit this year.  Brooks and his buddy Reed kept the nursery busy.  We took a trip to Rockport with Matt’s family and had a great time relaxing, swimming, reading, eating, fishing(Matt) and eating some more!  It was here that Brooks conquered and then fell in love with stair climbing where he had lots of encouragement from Matt’s cousin, Kayce Jo.

He also went to the beach for the first time, though it took him a while to actually wake up and enjoy it…which he eventually did.

We’ve enjoyed a little frozen yogurt this summer to help beat the heat…

We’ve gone to a few Round Rock Express baseball games where Brooks got a free glove.  Matt was sure enough to go ahead and get him a lefty one so we’ll see how that works out!

Brooks has also gotten a little better acquainted with Max.  Max is really enjoying that Brooks is mobile and can interact with him now!  He’s been a great encourager as Brooks has practiced walking up and down our hallway by making sure his ears are sufficiently licked to get him from one end of the hall to the other.

We’ve even spent a couple of afternoons like this when it’s been a little cooler. 

In July Brooks spent his first extended trip away from Matt and I while we went to Eagle Pass on a trip with our church.  I was only brave enough to stay away for two nights and was very ready to see my baby.  He stayed with his GJ and B-Bob(Matt’s parents) and seemed to have a great time and adjust much better to being away from me than I did being away from him!  We’ve spent a lot of time hanging at home and it’s been fascinating to watch this little guy learn and develop.  He’s begun taking steps and can walk across the living room if he’s really focused.  He can follow some simple directions and he’s definitely got a little temper bottled up inside him!  He’s not yet saying any real words but he’s babbling all the time (not that this SLP is counting or anything!)  And as you can see he’s into everything!

He’s really enjoying trying all sorts of new things to eat.  This was the aftermath of blueberry pancakes…

And we’ve even found the time to hang out with some buds (Reed and Samuel) every now and then!

All in all we’re having a pretty fantastic time together this summer.  It’s drawing to a close waaaay too fast as I have to go back to work in two short weeks.  But those weeks should be pretty exciting as we’ve got a FIRST BIRTHDAY to celebrate and a family trip to Galveston coming up.  Stay tuned for reports on those adventures!

Okay, so I realize that this was a really large nutshell but now you’re all caught up!