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Birthday Week Celebrations August 2, 2010

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Last Saturday evening brought the conclusion of our celebration of Brooks’ birthday.  In our house, we have a tendency to celebrate birthday week instead of just the birthday and celebrate we did!  When Brooks woke up on his actual birthday,Thursday, he seemed to sense that there was something special about the day.  He was all smiles and laughs.  We stuck some shoes on him and headed outside to check out his new Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climber.  He’s on the go all the time and seems to have an innate desire to climb so this seemed like an appropriate gift!

After we played for a while we came in to have some birthday blueberry muffins which were a big hit!

After breakfast, Brooks and I headed into Austin to spend some time at the Austin Children’s Museum where my mom met us.  We had a great time.  It was a tiny bit overwhelming for Brooks because it was pretty crowded while we were there so there was LOTS of noise, but he seemed to enjoy himself on his birthday!

We went to lunch near the museum with my mom and then Brooks insisted that we stop at Target before we head back to Marble Falls!  That night Matt grilled some yummy pork chops and we fixed some baked potatoes and green beans for a tasty bday dinner.  Afterward we headed over to Fresh ‘n’ Fruiti Frozen Yogurt for a birthday dessert.  Brooks thouroughly enjoyed both courses of his birthday meal!

While Matt and I still lived in Hubbard, I took a cake decorating class so that one day I could make birthday cakes for my kids.  I also have spent a few hours watching various cake shows picking up some tips and inspiration here and there.  As a result, I started thinking about and planning Brooks’ cake for his birthday party a month or two ago and started experimenting with some fondant a few weeks ago.  I spent a lot of time, more so than was actually necessary, mostly because I haven’t actually made a decorated cake since we moved to Marble Falls. I was a bit out of practice and there was a lot of trial and error.  But I must say I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I realize it’s no Charm City Cake, but I’m proud of it nonetheless!

We had burgers for lunch and this must have worn out the birthday boy because he had to stop for a nap before the cake and present portion of the party.  Brooks was not too sure what to think about a large group of people singing to him or the candles…

And he was not too sure what to do with his smash cake in the beginning…

But he eventually dove in and…

I’m pretty sure he LOVED it!!

After a post-cake bath, we finally ripped into the presents.  Brooks got some nice toys and new clothes and even his own cell phone!

He also got a cool new wagon that he and his cousin Samantha had to try out in the backyard.

I think that the celebration week was a hit and that Brooks was made to feel special like anyone should on their first birthday!  We’ve had a great year watching this little boy grow and learn.  We are so proud of him and look forward to lots more birthday weeks in the years to come!


2 Responses to “Birthday Week Celebrations”

  1. Storey Says:

    i’m seriously impressed with the cake 🙂 way to go, kelley!

  2. Camille Says:

    Such fun celebrations!! The cake turned out GREAT!!! Love it.

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