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Beach Baby August 8, 2010

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To end our summer this little Homeyer trio loaded down our Ford Edge and I do mean LOADED down and headed off to Galveston for a little fun in the sun.  Matt and I have been on three beach vacations since we’ve been married (luckily I was able to convince him how awesome it is to lay on a beach and relax/read) but this trip was a little different.  There was not a ton of reading done and the relaxing was done in small spurts and usually not at the same time for both of us.  Turns out a beach vacation with a one year old requires a little more energy than one with no kids or even with a chocolate lab.  (by the way we were VERY sad not to be able to take Max with us this time, but with all the baby gear, we were not able to fit him in the car-not fair, I know…next time we’ll make it work!)  Anyway, despite it being a little different from what we were used to, we had a great time! 

The trip, however, got off to a little bit of a rocky start.  We went through some serious rain on the way as well as some major traffic in Houston topped off by a baby who was SOOO ready to be out of his car seat.  This got a little tense at times.  But, we finally made it to our condo.  We decided to try to do an economical vacay and cook most of our meals(another reason the car was so full-ice chest and groceries) so when we got to Galveston we went to do some grocery shopping (it was raining anyway so we couldn’t hit the beach yet).  Matt really likes these carbonated apple juice drinks that come in glass bottles and since we were on vacation he picked up a few.  Well, when we got back to the condo to unload, the bag containing these drinks fell off the counter shattering two of them.  I soon realized that I had 4 or 5 little shards of glass in my legs and was bleeding.  I quickly passed Brooks off to Matt and went to the bathroom to try to stop the bleeding.  Matt then had to try to clean up the mess while holding a squirmy 25 pounder!  As you can imagine, this was also a little tense.  But, the bleeding finally stopped, the mess was finally cleaned up(after another trip to the store to buy a mop) and we finally settled in. 

Tuesday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and headed to the water! Brooks LOVED the beach!  He crawled and walked all over the place, found shells, put shells in and out and in and out and in and out of his toy truck, and ate a little bit of sand!  I was so happy that he shared my love for the beach! 


Wednesday Matt had to come back to Marble Falls to perform a funeral so he rented a car and made a quick turn around trip.  While he was gone, Brooks and I went on a good run along the seawall, checked out the pool at the condo and even braved the beach on our own.  It was a good day, but it definitely made me appreciate Matt…family vacations are not near as fun when the whole family is not present!

We checked out of our condo Thursday afternoon but were going to stay one more night.  We pricelined a room and for a pretty sweet price got to stay at the Tremont House, which is a historic hotel on the strand in Galveston!  We had a few hours to kill between checkout and check in time so we headed to the aquarium at Moody Gardens.  It was pretty impressive.  They had lots of neat fish, sharks, rays as well as great exhibits with seals and penguins. 

It was also a good place for Brooks to stretch out and practice some walking in a nice air-conditioned building. 

 We also stopped in the old-fashioned ice cream and candy shop on the strand.  We didn’t get pictures there but had a yummy chocolate malt and hot fudge sunday! 

Along with our room at the Tremont House came privileges at the Galvez pool.  The Galvez is another historic hotel but on the beach side of the island.  Both of these hotels are so beautiful and the Galvez pool was super nice and relaxing.  Thursday afternoon we enjoyed the pool and that night we ate out for the first time (since Monday!!  We were proud of our thriftiness!) at The Spot which had awesome burgers and fried pickles!  The next morning we slept in a little, ate breakfast at the hotel and loaded up the car.  But before we left town we went and enjoyed the nice pool for a few more hours. 

(This was one of the few good pictures we got of Brooks in the pool..unfortunately my foot thought it needed to be a part of the picture too…)

It was proving to be the perfect ending to our trip until…Brooks pooped in his swim diaper!  Luckily we were already out of the pool, but cleaning him up and changing him was a definite two person job and he was not in the mood to have his diaper changed either.  But we did it, got dry clothes on, stopped off at Gaidos for some seafood and headed home.  It was a great week!


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