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At a loss… September 7, 2010

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For a clever blog title, that is.

As I sit here writing, Marble Falls is reaping the benefits of Tropical Storm Hermine.  It has literally rained non-stop today which I suppose is good for the land, but not as much for my mental state…having just  celebrated Labor Day the end of summer is already all too apparent.  Hopefully this gloomy, rainy week will lead to some nice fall weather.   However, Hermine does bring with him a 2 hour delay for work tomorrow so I will not complain too much!  We are still trying to settle back into our school year routine, though it has been a lot harder for me this year than in the past.  Brooks moved up to a new class in daycare, he’s a Tiny Tot now!  Here he is on the first day of his new class with his puppy-this is his best friend…

He has a great new teacher, Ms. Samantha, but he LOVED Ms. Elizabeth in the baby class and she and Lajuana have taken care of him since month two.  And if losing them wasn’t hard enough, he tends to be somewhat of a momma’s boy so the transition has been a little rough…not terrible, but not super smooth.  I’m sure this has a lot to do with the difficulty I’m having settling back into the working-mom groove, but we’re slowly but surely getting there. 

That’s been most of our excitement for the last month.  Brooks has pretty much mastered walking these days and has little problem stopping and bending over to pick up toys or (multiple) balls.  However, with his quest to master walking, came battle wounds which this momma could have lived without.  First we had the busted eye:

Then the busted, fat lip:

There have been plenty more, but these are the two that drew the most blood and tears from baby and mom.  Brooks continues to develop in so many ways in addition to walking that have been fascinating to watch.  He identifies lots of objects-balls, shoes, etc.  He waves with regularity-its a very cute wave!  He’s recently begun to give sweet, open-mouth, slobbery kisses.  His favorite toys right now are any kind of balls and he LOVES throwing them.  He loves throwing so much that he’s begun to throw everything he can get his hands on which we haven’t quite figured out how to break yet.  Here he is last Saturday night while we were cheering on both the Rangers and the Baylor Bears simultaneously:

Brooks recently gave Matt a hand baby-proofing the cabinets.  So far he seems satisfied with the two that were left un-proofed for him…we did stock this one with some fun stuff, he didn’t just get an empty cabinet!

He continues to love finding new things to explore and play with.  We’ve found him in some fun new spots lately:

He says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ frequently, but we still haven’t heard any other discernible words.  I’m eagerly waiting!  Matt is very anxious to take Brooks to his first football game.  He was supposed to go last week but was running fever with an ear infection.  He’s got his Mustangs jersey ready, so maybe if Hermine continues on his travels we’ll all get out and watch the Stangs beat Burnet this Friday!