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Sic Em Bears! January 22, 2008

I love my Alma Mater, Baylor University.  As Baylor fans go, I am die-hard, green and gold, through and through.  I attend, listen to, or watch every possible football, basketball, and baseball game that happens.  I spent 8 years at Baylor and I love most all things about the University…even the footbal team God bless em. 

 I remember an ESPN blurb in the spring of 2000 that said if Dave Bliss continued his successful recruiting and coaching for 1 more year that Baylor would almost certainly crack the Top 25 and had a great chance of becoming a perennial force to be reckoned with in the Big 12. 

 I remember discussing this article with my friend Andy Myers and what high hopes we had to be respectable. 

I remember watching Terry Black and Demarcus Minor.  I remember going to Austin and watching Black pull up for a 15 foot jumper instead of slamming the ball home and costing us a victory over UT.  I remember watching Matt Saymon and Logan Kosmalski and all Baylor’s promise.  I even remember John D. Freakin Flippen.  The 7 foot wonder of Evant, TX! 

And I remember when Baylor basketball became infamous, the blackest of eyes of possibly any NCAA program in any sport at any time. 

 But now…the Bears find themselves 15-2 and 3-0 in Big 12 play.  And…listen to this sports fans…The Baylor Bears are ranked #25 in this weeks AP Poll.  God Bless em. 

The next 9 games are brutal, according to my Baylor sports guru Pastor Giraud.  So it may not last, BUT, if we go 9-7 in Big 12 play we most likely will be Dancing in March and what a glorious dance that will be. 

And in the meantime, whether we stay in the Top 25 or not, I think my Bears are going to make some waves and hover around the top 3-4 of the Big 12 this season.  O happy day. 

Sic’ Em Bears. 

Here are the rankings and an article off Baylorbears.com.




One Response to “Sic Em Bears!”

  1. kevintessa Says:

    Cousin Matthew Bob,

    Sic’em – Oh Happy Day! We had a feeling this would come when Drew was hired – we just didn’t want to say it too loud! It is hard to be a fan of Baylor sports sometimes – but when it is during the winning times, it is sweeter because the Baylor fan starves like no other between the peaks! Eating at the the all-you-can-eat buffet and loving it! May I not be full soon!

    Cousin Kevin Ray

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